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O’Neill Communications is now 23 East Group.

Upon buying the company from Gordon & Nancy O’Neill in June 2022, the new name is reflective of the evolution of a legacy to a new beginning.

The name

23 East is a nod to roots and foundation, a must-have for any good brand to center itself and thrive. It is a part of the address of my generational family home in India, a place that I consider to be my foundation, a place of centering. East represents new beginnings, innovation, and fresh ideas. Group highlights togetherness. We don’t get to our successes alone. And it is with our clients, partners, friends, and colleagues being a part of the firm’s ecosystem that our success has been mutual and formative.

The Icon

The icon is an artistic form of 23, allowing for interpretation and conversation, a result of effective marketing and communications. Additionally, two plus three equals five, and five represents curiosity and change. The icon enables curiosity, a must-have trait to be a good communicator and marketer. And, with curiosity, we can welcome and embrace our only constant: change.

The firm has transformed in services and capabilities to harness tomorrow’s demand, but our core foundational values remain the same: respect, integrity, kindness, and service.

I am excited to enter 2023 with 23 East Group and with you all alongside. It will be a year of great impact and transformation for us all.

Devika Rao
President & CEO
23 East Group

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